The SecureAZ  Security Awareness Pricing

With each plan:

 6 video training modules

Takes 1 hour to complete (approximately)

No additional onboarding costs


Personalised branding

secureAZ phishing simulator

The SecureAZ Phishing Simulator

Phishing simulations help you identify vulnerabilities before cybercriminals do.

Our phishing simulations use templates that reflect common and local phishing attacks.

The service is automated and drip-fed throughout the year to help your employees experience real-world phishing attacks and then we generate monthly reports for you.

What you get by using us

When a business has continuous training in place, the relevant concepts and ideas remains “top of mind” for staff.  

Core fundamentals

Our online courses take you on a simple journey that teaching the cybersecurity fundamentals needed in today’s connected world of education.

Easy to follow video training

We have designed our videos to be easy to understand and follow. Topics are broken down into easy-to-digest courses that simplifies the learning experience.

User progress reporting

Our service includes a full report after the completion of the awareness journey along with monthly reporting from the Phishing Simulations. 

“…a very easy welcoming experience. Really impressive imagery, good use of animated GIF’s, simple wording, friendly yet informative – the content is excellent….”

Craig M

I.T Manager


Why do employees need this training?

Let’s talk about how cybercrime affects the world. There’s a news story every day of a company being hacked or data held to ransom. Employees lose access to data, their identities, compromise access to systems and suffer financial loss. We enable your business to become cyber smart and we equip you with practical, ongoing and relevant knowledge, tools and ideas through our Security Awareness Journey.

I just want our staff to do all the courses in one go, is this possible?

Yes, this is a question we get asked often. We can design your Information Security Journey to be completed over a 2 week period with refresher courses later in the year.

Can I be a reseller of your product?

Yes, absolutely. If you are a reseller of insurance, IT products, or anything in that space, we would love to talk with you. Email us or give us a call. 

We already have an internal Learning Management System in place, are your courses compatible with that?

All our courses are SCORM compliant, so we can easily export out our courses for you to set up in your own LMS system. This option allows you to align your Information Security Journey with your other internal training solutions.

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