Our training approach orbits around people

We’ve explored the most effective training techniques available to help equip your staff to become Cyber Smart. Several methods are used for each stage of security awareness training that enable beginners and advanced users to learn and retain actionable information. Armed with the right information, your staff can overcome the evolving cyber threat landscape every day.



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 Add real-world phishing simulations to your training

Our approach is built on these principles


We believe security awareness training needs to be ongoing, multifaceted and a variety of methods are used to allow staff to adapt to a secure way of working.


The security awareness journey needs to be engaging to all levels of your staff, from beginner to advanced users. Users also need the ability to progress in stages over time.


Your user training journey is not only relevant to real-world cyber threats, it’s also interesting, meaningful and fun. We use an entertaining dialog approach to help your staff understand complex risks in a new and unique way.


Our purpose is to prepare your staff to be cyber smart by identifying threats, responding in a way that is safe to them and the business, reporting suspicious behavior and making smart, secure decisions. We verify learning outcomes through interactive quizzes and our Phishing Simulation Platform add-on.  


Our security awareness journey includes real-world threat examples and we overlay an array of techniques that attackers could use at any given time. The Phishing Simulation Platform add-on simulates real-life scenarios with “what could have happened” explainations.  

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