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The Work-From-Home Security Checklist

Every business needs an effective Work-From-Home security checklist. The work environment is no longer confined to four walls and an office — it’s wherever you and other employees are. Today’s hybrid work environment allows employees to effectively connect, collaborate, share ideas, and be productive from any location, but this shouldn’t be at the expense of security. Working-from-home transfers specific security responsibility from the...

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Log4j Vulnerability

A critical vulnerability was discovered in the widely used logging utility, Log4J. December 2021 saw IT and security teams scramble to identify affected areas and apply drip-fed patches or workarounds issued by vendors. The vulnerability, dubbed Log4Shell, is particularly easy to exploit and can allow attackers to execute code on servers remotely. This, coupled with the fact that Log4J is used in most developed java applications, makes...

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Device software updates – what’s the big deal?

We are often made aware of software updates available for our computer, laptop, Mac, tablet, or mobile device. We receive a popup notification alerting us to this regular event and we may even have the ability to delay the installation of these updates – or ignore...

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Safe online shopping

Safe online shopping - shopping online can be the most convenient way to shop from anywhere – at least anywhere where 4G and Wi-Fi is available. The burden of traffic and crowded stores can make online shopping the household’s preferred retail option. Online shopping...

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Password Managers: How, What, Where and When?

Password managers -  Every year Cert NZ encourages cyber safe practices through their awareness-raising campaign called Cyber Smart Week. The campaign orbits around four key security awareness messages and using a password manager is on the list as a must to protect...

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