Everything you need for Cyber Security Awareness

Your employees are targeted by phishing, malware and online scams every day. How well can they fend off an attack?

We make your business Cyber Smart with our Cyber Security Awareness Journey and Phishing Simulations. Our content uses real-world and relevant content based on  cyber attacks we see every day.

Finally, Phishing training that caters for a local market…

Our safety and security awareness training for employees covers relevant, real-world cyber threats, presented in a way that’s entertaining, meaningful and fun.

We follow the CertNZ guidelines.

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Security awareness training

Security awareness should get and keep everyone’s attention – we’ve tailored our content and delivery platform to make the Cyber Smart journey fun and engaging, driving positive behaviour changes every step of the way.

Cloud Platform

Our cloud Security Awareness Platform is accessible from anywhere and on any device. Our training courses caters for employees working remotely and is perfect for your work-from-home needs.

Comprehensive Content Library

Our Security Awareness Training takes your employees on a journey through a tailored content library of bespoke video training modules, short courses and refresher tests.

Staged Training Journey

We plan and automate your staged Security Awareness Journey to cater for beginner and advanced users. User management is part of our managed service and new employees start their journey as soon as they are onboarded.

Real-world phishing simulations

Phishing simulations form part of real-world Security Awareness Training and integrate well with the overall experience. Adding our phishing simulations to your training courses helps you gauge responses to phishing attacks.

A Powerful resource

Phishing is the most popular method that cybercriminals use to target and attack individuals and businesses. Phishing simulations augments your cybersmart journey and shows your employees how to spot malicious emails.

REal-World and Current Simulations

Our phishing simulations are based on real-world examples that regularly turn up in today’s inboxes. You would typically run the simulation service on a regular basis and modify it to reflect topical scams. 

Automation and Reporting

Our phishing simulation programs are automated, reducing the need for continuous setup and maintenance. We improve the currency and ‘realness’ of our simulations and report ongoing progress.


What is cyber security awareness training all about?


Cyber Security Awareness training equips you with the knowledge to combat day-to-day threats, and make sound cyber smart decisions every day.

Our always-connected work environment exposes everyone in the business to risk.

Cyber Awareness is critical because some of the most significant threats, like Phishing, Ransomware and Data Loss, revolve around people.


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Ready to get started?

Our training takes you on a journey…

We’ve explored the most effective training techniques available to help equip your staff to become Cyber Smart. Several methods are used for each stage of security awareness training that enables beginners and advanced users to learn and retain actionable information.

Armed with the right information, your staff can overcome the evolving cyber threat landscape every day..

  • Stage 1 Training
  • Stage 2 Training
  • Stage 3 Training
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staged training levels


We believe security awareness training needs to be ongoing, multifaceted and a variety of methods are used to allow staff to adapt to a secure way of working.


The security awareness journey needs to be engaging to all levels of your staff, from beginner to advanced users. Users also need the ability to progress in stages over time.


Your user training journey is not only relevant to real-world cyber threats, it’s also interesting, meaningful and fun. We use an entertaining dialog approach to help your staff understand complex risks in a new and unique way.


Our purpose is to prepare your staff to be cyber smart by identifying threats. We verify learning outcomes through interactive quizzes and our Phishing Simulation Platform add-on. 

Real World

Our security awareness journey includes real-world threat examples and we overlay an array of techniques attackers use at any given time. The Phishing Simulation Platform add-on simulates real-life scenarios with “what could have happened” explainations.